Learn Mindfulness and Self-Hypnosis

I am currently planning group courses in Mindfulness and Self-Hypnosis for 2016.  If you’d like to hear when new courses are scheduled, please email info@hannahleach-hypnotherapy.com with your contact details and let me know whether you would prefer to attend a group in Warwick or Birmingham.

Mindfulness courses are likely to be 8 weeks long and take place on an evening during the week.

Self-hypnosis courses are likely to be 6 weeks long, or a full day workshop taking place at the weekend.


Some previous attendees on my self-hypnosis courses have said, “the whole course was brilliant, my favourite thing was the feeling of empowerment that the techniques gave me,” “the information given was just the right level – not too complicated or too basic,” and “I feel totally confident in using self-hypnosis (at the end of the 6-week introduction).”