These are a few of the testimonials which former clients have been kind enough to supply; thankyou to those people for allowing me to publish their words on my site.

(Please be aware that these are genuine testimonials provided by clients of mine, in their own words. However, your experiences of hypnotherapy may be different from these peoples’, so it is not guaranteed that you would have the same results or require the same number of sessions.)

hypnotherapy testimonials

 Public Speaking:

“Hannah, thank you so much for your professional expertise during my recent hypnotherapy sessions. I could never have imagined that I could overcome my nerves surrounding public speaking in such a short space of time. I would fully recommend yourself and hypnotherapy!” NB

Quit Smoking:

“A very professional and reassuring experience. Stopping smoking was made possible by the service I received from Hannah. This has opened my eyes to the possibilities of the mind and I now recommend hypnotherapy as the only solution to giving up smoking.” WL

Past Life Regression:

“I’ve explored three different past lives through regression with Hannah. Each one related back in some significant way to my present life. Some subtle but noticeable improvements in my mood or outlook followed each regression.  The third ‘trip’ was the most vivid – I could hear what was being said and went through several months of a life that was dramatic to say the least!” CL

“I went to see see Hannah out of curiosity, having been curious about past life regression for years.  What I didn’t realise was that past lives had such an impact on my personality now.  I learnt so much about myself and gained a greater understanding of aspects of my personality.” LS

Exam/Test Preparation:

“I decided to use hypnotherapy to deal with my anxiety regarding some forthcoming exams. Hannah quickly got to the route of my problems, and after only a few hypnotherapy sessions I now feel confident – both about the exams and in general.” PC

“I passed my driving test with only two minor faults – and I firmly believe hypnotherapy with Hannah was a big part of that!  On the morning I was utterly focussed and not at all nervous, even though I was aware that it was important. As soon as I found out I passed, my hands started shaking so much I couldn’t sign the certificate!” LE

Learning Self-Hypnosis:

“The whole course was brilliant, I loved the feeling of empowerment the techniques gave me.” AS